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January 23rd, 2011

H'okay party people!

So! I can't even bring myself to check how long it's been since I've been on here. *headdesk* And of course, my reason for rejoining the livejournal ranks now is far more selfish than social, but one does what one must. Long story short, I find myself currently without any source of income or the ability to find a new one any time soon, and with a severe lack of funds. The quick and dirty version of it is, I'm unemployed and not pursuing finding a new job because I have a unique opportunity to go into business with a friend of mine. The only problem is that until this comes to fruition, I have no way to put gas in my car or pay my bills. This puts me in the very uncomfortable position of having to scrape up money to live any way I can.

What this means for you:

I am offering any conceivable commissions and services that I can think of to anyone who would be willing to pay for them. This includes, for fandom friends, any kind of writing or artwork. (And since I know my productivity in these areas is spotty at best, I will not take a cent from anyone until the project is completed.) For anyone I may have opportunity to see in person, I have my first degree of reiki and am getting my second in three weeks, and while I do not yet have my massage certification, all that means is that I'm willing to let my awesome skills go for dirt cheap. I can offer both tarot and rune readings, minor spell and ritual work, runic talismans, charm bags, etc. Anything and everything will be tailor-made specially for the individual and to any specifications desired. I have no set prices or anything in mind, so if any of these ideas interest you, either PM me through here or email me at seiryunomk@comcast.net and I would be delighted to work something out. I apologize for looking like a filthy beggar. XP By means of apology, please accept this picture of an adorable puppy. :D

June 22nd, 2010


oh my god
Okay, so I'm weeks if not months behind on this thing, I have been absent forever, I am a bad person and a terrible internet friend. I really need to write a real post and catch up on everything. This will probably happen eventually, but until then-

WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!?!?!?!?!??@/1/2?1//2EIOjq214ek/W1m112@1!@@!???1

April 6th, 2010


I've figured it out- next time I go to a taping of the Report, I'm gonna tell Stephen about my theory that he tastes like whatever the favorite flavor of the other person is, and ask if I can lick him to test it.

Yeah. It's been a silly thoughts kind of day. XD

Again I feel the need to apologize for the lack of my presence lately. I haven't checked my flist in so long that now the task of sorting through it is just too daunting a task. First I was out in PA for three days, stealing precious time with my lady fair, then I was just too busy and too tired. :P If there's anything important that I missed, please let me know. And I'll try to start being around more often. ♥

March 20th, 2010

Adventures in Foodland.

oral fixation
I've been experimenting with a lot of new foods lately, and it's awesome. I'm really enjoying cooking, and even baking, which as a rule is not my forte. My best dish so far, I think, was tonight's. Spicy seared tuna steak with garlic basil mayo. Divine. Will be even better after I plant my herb garden and have fresh basil. I just finished making lemon poppy muffins for Ostara ritual tomorrow, though the recipe didn't call for nearly enough zest, and they're more like vanilla poppy muffins. X3 Still very tasty though. I'm debating giving them a lemon glaze. I'll have to ask mom tomorrow if we have any confectioner's sugar.

Sorry for the pointless update, but I haven't updated in so long I felt like I should at least say something.

Oh, and shameless self-promotion- if you haven't yet, go look at my pretty Joan/Stephanie porn here. You know you wanna. ^.~

March 15th, 2010

(no subject)


March 9th, 2010


stephen is displeased
After three hours of sleep, getting out of a warm bed with a warm cat curled up behind your knees is so hard as to be nearly impossible.

After three hours of sleep, getting out of a warm bed with a warm cat curled up behind your knees and a warm, beautiful girl sleeping softly by your side is just outright torture.

So not worth it for $7.50 an hour.

March 1st, 2010


stephen is displeased


In other news, anyone else there no longer able to right click when using Firefox? This has been bothering me for about a week now.

February 25th, 2010


studio b&w


Let's try that again.

*clears throat*

I sang the Star Spangled Banner with Stephen Colbert today.

*lets that sink in*

You know, I honestly can't decide if the universe is rewarding me or torturing me, having Stephen indulge me in my increasingly ridiculous requests. Cause while it's fucking amazing, the adrenaline rush making me giddy, the tangible energy of his presence, feeling the heat of his body in person (gah, I'm so lucky I have a girlfriend who [I think/hope] understands my rabid fangirlness and I hope won't dump my crazy ass after this rant, not to mention the rambling voice mail I left her), at the same time all it does is feed into what really is a completely unhealthy obsession with someone who, no matter how many interactions I have with him, has no bloody idea who I am.

Ah, fuck it. It was AWESOME!

Lemme explain how this came about.

Holly and I went to today's taping. We hopped on the bus to Vancouver (hee hee), and waited and got into the zeppelin (you'll see), Pete Dominick did his thing, then Stephen came out and did a satellite interview and left again, and Pete came back. He was really on a roll tonight, I gotta say. Anyway, Stephen came back out and did his usual thing asking if anyone had any questions to humanize him before we got started, and I had my hand up before he was even done because yes, I am that asshole. He said he saw me first and I said, "I'll let you shave my head if you'll sing the Star Spangled Banner with me." He paused, turned away, and asked, "Any other questions?" In my typical unable to censor myself fashion, I said, "Awww, c'mon!" and he said, "We'll do it later." I blinked and asked, "...Really?" and he said, "Yeah, we'll do it after the show." It was either then or later that he told me I could keep my hair, but I don't remember now. I really didn't think he was serious. XD But we were really there on an unprecedented night. They were taping tomorrow's show, too. And most of it was cut together from stuff that they filmed from his Olympic coverage.

Which meant that they had a lot of time to kill while cuing up the tapes.

Which was amazing, because not only were we in the studio for almost three hours, and got to see him tape something he hadn't had time to rehearse ahead of time (which was another first for the show), but we also got a wonderful amount of Stephen talking to us and telling stories while they were getting the technical stuff together.

It also meant that, I think after the first video we saw, Stephen was talking to one of the tech guys and they told him they weren't ready to move on yet. So he turned to us and said, "Should I yodel?" and we all cheered. Then he looked straight at me and asked, "Do you wanna sing the Star Spangled Banner with me?" I flipped out. We all know by now that my memory is hazy at the best of times, but I'm gone for all of tonight, so this is all really jumbled, but I'm pretty sure I said no. XD I was babbling, "...Really? No way! I can't!" and he kept gesturing me down and saying, "Come down here and sing with me!" and Holly (bless her up down and sideways, that girl is wonderful) half pushed me down the stairs, so I stumbled my way down and turned around and saw the audience all looking at me. And do bear in mind, I'd been screaming my head off already for the show, and Stephen stood so damn close to me I could feel him all warm through his sweater, so my throat locked up from nerves. -_-; And he's asking me if I sing, if I'm a singer, and in my infinitely articulate way I say, "...not in front of you." We had a few false starts trying to get into the same key, finally I hummed the first note and asked if that was okay and he said wherever I'm comfortable, and I do my thing.

I know I self-deprecate all the time, but singing is the one area where I'll usually admit to a decent amount of ability. Not tonight, though, I sounded awful. There was no way I was gonna come out of that looking good, I croaked about half the notes out. My eyes were 7/8ths closed and trained on my feet, my hands stuffed in my pockets. And at some point, I really couldn't tell you if it was before we started singing, 20 seconds in, or 5 seconds before the end, but he put his arm around me, which did not help improve my composure. But after we were done, he smiled at me and shook my hand and said it was beautifully done, and I made it most of the way back up to my seat before I half collapsed in disbelief, dragged myself into my chair, and probably bruised Holly's arm or leg or whatever I grabbed on to. XP

So, yeah. I sang the national anthem with Stephen Colbert.

Horrific performance or not, it really is a shame that they don't allow any cameras or recording devices in the studio, because I lack any kind of concrete evidence of the two greatest moments of my life. >3 Ah well. I have no real visual memory, since my eyes were closed and staring at the ground, but I remember what he felt like, and that's pretty fucking amazing.

I'm gonna go lay down and watch the repeats. <3<3<3

February 2nd, 2010

And believe me, you're getting the dramatically shortened version of the whole mental spiel that led to this. XD But while driving home from work today, I think I accidentally stumbled across my life philosophy. So, being self-involved the way I am, I assume that you all want to hear it, so I'm going to share it with you. :D

Cut for long, rambly, and self-aggrandizing.Collapse )

January 23rd, 2010

Meme ganked from my sister.

i love you
I know that 2009 was pretty horrid for a lot of people, and to be honest, 2010 has been no great shakes so far. One way we might make the rest of 2010 a bit better is to spread some love around. So if you care to reply to this post I will give you a response of something I like about you.

If you like participating in these sorts of things and want to repost this in your LJ, that would be fun, too.
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